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BHB Press is a publishing curatorial collaboration founded by artists Allison Bogard Hall and Sam R. Butler. A call for art for our first artist book will be going out June 2024, to be published Fall 2024. Submission link coming soon. 

BHB Press is a collective currently made up of two artists: Allison Bogard Hall (she/her) of Lakewood, Ohio and Sam R. Butler (they/them) of Cleveland, Ohio. Hall is a painter and printmaker who graduated with her BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014, and Butler is a photographer and videographer who graduated with their BFA from Cleveland Institute of Art in 2019. Though their work and practices at first glance couldn't be more different, both artists quickly bonded over a shared love of artist books and zines while working together at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Over many a coffee break and happy hours after work, ideas were born from a friendship that soon became BHB Press. This collective is looking forward to bringing in more artists and their insights in the future that share our pro-trans, pro-women, pro-bodily autonomy for all vision going forward as we continue to fight oppression in the reality that is our everyday world. Follow us on Instagram @bhbpress to stay up to date on our current publication and calls for art.

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Meet Sam R. Butler

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Meet Allison Bogard Hall

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