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Reviewing, revisiting, and rethinking: The constant repetition of the ordinary weaves itself through my paintings, drawings, collages, and prints, playing on a loop. Using primarily oil paint, I work to preserve the everyday, the moments around the monumental. My biggest task lies in pinning down each small moment the way one would pin down a butterfly. I collect old photographs and postcards, marrying the subjects into my compositions using layers of glaze and impasto paint to conceal and reveal imagery and motifs throughout the work. People and places from found imagery fuse with my own memories to create an uncanny somewhere on the razor's edge of reality, falsehoods and truths melded together- invented snapshots telling tall tales. I am captivated by constructed spaces, hazy and ambiguous; they are each real to me, whether places I have visited and captured, or simply an instant witnessed in a fever dream. My work is an uncovering, the truths that we bury wrapped in the guise of the unassuming. I create because I must. I paint until the painting makes sense, and I cannot stop until it does. Each piece slowly revealed, a new discovery on an archaeological dig. 

About the Artist

About the Artist

Photo by Nate Rouse

Allison Bogard Hall is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. Hall earned her BFA in Painting and Literary Studies from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014, and has since been expanding her work through multiple mediums such as printmaking, installation, found object sculpture, and darkroom photography. Her pieces are often autobiographical and heavily influenced by current events, found imagery, and literature. After graduating from MICA and returning to her hometown of Cleveland, she began to teach art for various non-profits and arts centers throughout the area. As a teacher, Hall found a passion for art education that led her to working as the Studio Manager for Foundation + Continuing Education at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2022. When Hall is not busy making work out of her studio at the Screw Factory in Lakewood, Ohio, she is working as a Studio Manager at CIA or out hiking with her partner and and son. For information on recent shows or commissions, please email or connect with her on Instagram @allison.bogard.hall.

Artist Statement


Photo by Matthew Bogard

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Photo by Matthew Bogard

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